ABOUT somewhere in the middle

It was inspiring to create this album and along the way, so much fun. The songs and tunes I wrote and selected are each an expression of my personal journey. Each track is a part of me and somewhere along the way, a part of my life. The friends I chose to be involved in this album are also some of the closest and most inspiring people that I have ever had the opportunity to work with. It was amazing to see how each person involved took my music and translated it into something even bigger, something even better. So, just like me and my music, we are all still somewhere in the middle, with so much more around us to explore. ~ Robert Mabe

THANK YOU - Patrick, Clay, Dave, Jack, Jillian, Cindy, and Buddy, for your amazing talent, knowledge, and friendship! Will Shenk and all of the staff at National Media, John Burns, Frogtown Music, Anthony Ladd, Sean, Doug, and Dave at Drymill Road, Sid Mabe, Wayne Otis Watson, Frank Gothic, Tommy Gate, Tony Tank, Moses Mabe, Mom and Dad.

Executive Producer: Robert Mabe
Recorded Mixed and Mastered by Will Shenk
Recorded at: National Media Services
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THE MUSIC somewhere in the middle

  1. Intro - R Mabe/Frogtown Music
  2. What You Deserve/Into the Sun - R Mabe/Frogtown Music
  3. Bottle of Tears - R Mabe/Frogtown Music
  4. Molly - R Mabe/Frogtown Music
  5. Madeline's Alright - R Mabe/Frogtown Music
  6. Bottle - R Mabe/Frogtown Music
  7. Music for a Found Harmonium
       - Simon Jeffes/Editions Penguin Cafe Limited
      Musical Priest - Public Domain
      Merry Blacksmith - Public Domain
  8. Nothing But Highway - R Mabe/Frogtown Music
  9. Black Waterside - Public Domain
  10. Outro - R Mabe/Frogtown Music

  Robert Mabe - Banjo, Vocals, Harmony Vocals
  Patrick McAvinue - Fiddle
  Clay Jones - Guitar
  David Shepherd - Bass
  Jack Dunlap - Mandolin
  Jillian Mabe - Vocals (Track 9)
  Cindy Abramo - Harmony Vocals (Track 2,8)
  Buddy Dunlap - Guitar (Track 9) Harmony Vocals (Track 3,6)

 as CD
 somewhere in the middle

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  The Winchester Star - March 22, 2016
  Loudoun Times Mirror - Feb 2016
  The Journal - Feb 25, 2016

  National Media Services
  Anthony Ladd - Kneelin Design
  Patrick McAvinue
  Drymill Road
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