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somewhere in the middle

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What Bluegrass Today says about Somewhere in the Middle: "Robert Mabe ... is top-notch. He is a very talented banjo player, and he's also a strong singer, with a pleasant and steady voice. He has surrounded himself with high caliber, high energy musicians ..."

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What Bluegrass Unlimited says about Somewhere in the Middle:  "Mabe is a stellar banjo player from West Virginia... all fire and swagger. The interplay is quite impressive..."

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What The Lonesome Road Review says about Somewhere in the Middle: "It’s always nice to see a banjo picker out front as singer, songwriter, and bandleader—that’s what Robert Mabe does quite nicely on Somewhere in the Middle ..."

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What fans are saying...

We could not have imagined a better band for our wedding than Robert Mabe band. They came through after our first band cancelled on us; I'm honestly SO glad it worked out that way because everyone had such a blast! Robert was helpful and responsive leading up to our wedding. The band played unplugged during cocktail hour and then plugged in for the reception, and even though few people in the crowd had any idea how to dance to bluegrass, we soon had a whole crowd on the floor. Everyone commented on how great they sounded and asked where we had found them. I am so grateful for their professionalism and even more so their great musical chops and rapport with the crowd!”

— Anne M. - Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Wow, words can hardly describe our experience with the Robert Mabe Band. They were in one word, outstanding. The band was highly accommodating and communication was top notch. Everyone who attended our wedding made a point to compliment our choice of band. The music was fantastic and enjoyed by all. I would highly recommend the Robert Mabe Band to anyone looking for an authentic, original band to play for their event. Cheers.”

— Garrett L, - Ambridge, Pennsylvania

Get the new live album ONLY at live shows!

Get the new live album ONLY at live shows!

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